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This framework looks at the holistic picture of the various factors that govern the functioning of the organization and how they interact. This framework consists primarily of two factors that govern the organization’s activities, external and internal.

Internal Factors affecting the Organization

Leadership: The success of any organisation depends upon those at the helm. The leadership should be visionaries who act keeping in mind not only the immediate future of the firm, but also have a long term goals of the company. It involves the governance of the organization.

Strategy: The strategy of an organization defines what the goal of the organization is, how it will achieve them and what the economic logic of pursuing the goal is. It also defines what differentiates the organization from its competition, what its value proposition is and whom it will target.

Structure: This consists of the management and the employees of the organization and how they interact with each other. The employees are the pulse of the organization, involved in the day to day operations of the company, whereas the management is where most of the day to day tactical and operational decisions of the company are made. The employees and management together ensure that the functioning of the organization is in line with the shareholders’ interests. This also includes the training, development and incentives for enhancing the careers of the managers and employees.

Processes: An organization would require a set of processes for carrying out its diverse set of activities, from simple routine activities to complex ones in order to attain its objectives. These processes would help the organization attain efficiency and maintain high standards in the products and services offered.

Technology: Technological competence is a necessity for an organization to thrive in the competitive landscape. Better technology can help in cost reduction and efficient utilization of resources.

Results: The results...