Beverage Clouding Agent Market Forecast and Segments, 2016-2026

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Clouding agents are the key additive in beverages that offers them the natural opacity appearance, making them visually cloudy and appealing to consumers. While a typical clouding agent is formed of palm oil and citrus fruit extracts, the market is currently flooded with a variety of innovative clouding agents. Generally added to fruit juices, energy drinks, sports drinks, and fruit jellies, clouding agents play a vital role in the beverages industry.

According to FMI’s research, the global beverage clouding agent market is anticipated to witness sustained growth throughout 2016 and further by 2026 end.

Key Drivers: Beverage Clouding Agent Market

The demand and applications of clouding agents are highly dependent on their end-use. With the advent of innovation in formulation of clouding agents, the demand is anticipated to steadily grow during the forecast period. Fresh fruit juices, lemonade, and guava-based beverages are especially foreseen to push the demand for clouding agents in the near future.

With a growing customer base of beverages market and increasing acceptance of energy drinks and sports drinks, the beverage clouding agent market is projected to witness sustained growth globally.

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Moreover, increasing population in developing nations is shifting to a high-end lifestyle, which includes daily consumption of fresh fruit juices. This is observed to be a key factor driving the demand for clouding agents in beverages.

Beverage Clouding Agent Market: Segmentation

FMI’s research on the global beverage clouding agent market offers a 10-year forecast, segmenting the market on the basis of source, properties, preparation, form, and region.

On the basis of source, the beverage clouding agent market is segmented into natural clouding agents and non-natural/synthetic clouding agents. Natural clouding agents are sourced from fruit peels and vegetable...