Evolution of Health Records Three Factors Driving the Change

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The Evolution of Health Records: How it’s Improved Our Health System

Nora Rose

Ultimate Medical Academy

Author Note

Nora Rose, Health and Human Services, Ultimate Medical Academy

.Nora Rose is an undergraduate at Ultimate Medical Academy.

This assignment is to for the course, HT 1000, Factors and Benefits Driving Changes in Medical Records from Paper to Digital.

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There are good points and not so good points of switching from paper to digital. I think more would agree that the good outweighs the bad however. In my research of opinions and tests I have realized some of the ways that can be detrimental to society. I have shown these facts and opinions in the following essay.

Keywords: Paper, digital, and errors.

The Evolution of Health Records: How it’s Improved Our Health System

In a lot ways transitioning from paper to digital is a good thing. You would think that most people would embrace this change. For some cultures it is not a way of life that is familiar to them. Not everyone has an electronic device to view their own records. So it is of no matter to them. They may not understand that it is helpful to the health care workers to be able to change medications, therapy or tests quickly and efficiently. Even some doctors don’t like the digital means of record keeping. They’ve had difficulties transitioning to the digital age. They’ve had malfunctions, lagging in their systems, and just general problems learning the technology which slows down on the amount of patients they can see. Most facilities have backup files for such occasions. For the most part though digital is the better way to keep records at our fingertips.

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