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Introduction “What inspired me the most in the process to complete my component 2?”Honestly, I had keep refer to my previous artwork and do more research that how Scandinavian art influence the design trend in the Zakka cafe industry. Beside that, I also believe that I had used my passion in design to complete the component 2 and enhance it until reach my satisfaction. When in the process, I doubted my ability in the design industry because I came from science stream when I was in secondary school. I believe I am not the creative person in this industry, but I try to put more effort to study people„s artwork as references to improve my art sense without plagiarism. I also appreciate that my aunt who in creative industry had taught me a lot by let me join their production team and also let me visualize their idea into real images. These experiences really inspired me a lot to continue my design in zakka caféwhen coming to video shooting. My inspiration also came from different media such like internet, design magazine and the book of art movement. I always believe that “no pains,no gains”.

Scope of Study Scandinavian Art The concept of Scandinavian design has been the subject of many exhibitions and marketing agendas during the last fifty years, but many of the democratic design ideals that was the central theme of the movement have survived and can be found resonant in contemporary design work by Scandinavian and international designers. The interest in Nordic design or Scandinavian design, both contemporary and past, is also part of the zakka movement.


I found that Scandinavian Art had become a popular art movement in stitches and sewing handcraft. There are plenty of craftbook such like Scandinavian Stitches: 21 Playful Projects with Seasonal Flair, by a patchwork maven Kajsa Wikman. The book is all about Scandinavian style, mod fabrics, colourful stitching, gift ideas and embracing handmade goodies.

Figure 1: Scandinavian Stitches- Influenced from...