Change Management

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Name: Monica Pereira

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Course: HELP Bachelor of Business (HONS) Year 2 & Year 3, Semester 1, 2011

Subject: Change Management MGT 302 (Assignment 1)

Submission Date: 5 April 2011

I. Executive Summary

One of the major problems faced by Glengarry Regional Medical Center (GRMC) would be the breakdown in communication between all levels of the organisation. There were countless situations within the case that stated there was a lack of communication between all levels of personnel. In addition, the Administrator was elected by the local county judge who did not pay attention on whether an administrator fitted the organisation well or not. Benson the latest administrator may have the qualifications and experience but when it came to managing GRMC, the culture was already fixed in its old ways that it was harder to handle. Lastly lack of trust between head of departments and top management within the organisation made matters worst as they did not work together.

Change is inevitable. American John P Kotter is a Harvard Business School professor and leading thinker and author on organizational change management. Kotter's highly regarded books 'Leading Change' (1996) and the follow-up 'The Heart Of Change' (2002) describe a helpful model for understanding and managing change. This is the recommended plan of action recommended for GRMC to follow as each stage acknowledges a key principle identified by Kotter relating to people's response and approach to change, in which people see, feel and then change. Many other approaches are included within the report on how GRMC could make change easier to cope with for both employees and employers.

II. Table of Contents

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