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Visit Germany and discover its car country, health and medical travel, and wine culture

Germany is known as “the land of a thousand possibilities.” It has everything from hip, up-and-coming cities to centuries-old villages; trendy shopping and nightclubs to traditional castles, palaces and abbeys that define European romanticism. However, for 2011 and 2012, three themes will be highlighted in this wondrous country: German car country, health & medical travel to Germany, and German wine country.

This year, the country of Germany will be celebrating German Car Country—125 years of motor car history, and Germany’s incredible history of making great automobiles. Here, visitors are invited to drive the Autobahn, and take any number of 150+ scenic routes—featuring everything from lazy, Sunday drives to hairpin turns through mountains, rolling valleys, to gorgeous seaside lanes. Throughout the year, all the major German automakers will participate, including Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen and Audi. In addition to visiting many German car museums filled with legendary cars, and auto-themed visitor centers, there are plenty of factory tours where cars are manufactured, as well as plenty of national and international motorsports events.

Of course, the German car country can be coupled with visits to any of Germany’s famous destinations via expansive modern highways, and a rich network of secondary thoroughfares. All of Germany’s famous tourist spots can be visited by car including the holiday regions, verdant countryside, culture and amazing restaurants, castles, palaces, and more.

Another theme for 2011 is health and medical travel to Germany. Long renowned for its healing spas, Germany has now become a leading destination for overall health and medical travel. Today there are 300+ modern health centers, 50+ climatic health resorts, 48 seaside health resorts, 62 Kneipp hydrotherapy resorts, and 160+ mineral and mud spas. All kinds of...