Book Review - Business Law Battle Plan

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Business Law Battle Plan by Marjorie Jobe, J.D. provides strategies and steps necessary to protect entrepreneurs from the risk of litigation which has become commonplace in the United States legal system . The author claims that today’s American legal system is broken, abused by bad lawyers and corrupt prosecutors whereby no business owners are safe no matter how insignificant the business is or even if it is innocent. The author stresses the importance of legal prevention and introduces the multitude of protective actions one entrepreneur or business owner can take to prevent legal disaster from taking place such as picking out a legal team and watching for common legal pitfalls. The book consists of 18 chapters and most chapters are accompanied by relevant legal cases, questions for the legal team (i.e. lawyer and accountant) and references to additional resources for further research and reading.

Chapter 1 describes to the reader the goal and content of the book and provides explanation on how to use it. The author points out that it is irrelevant that a business owner did not do anything wrong and that a legal battle plan is essential. In Chapter 2, the author stresses the importance of competent lawyer and accountant and how an entrepreneur can find them and establish the right relationship. Chapter 3 discusses the very real threat of government investigation and prosecution and the guides the reader through the investigation process. The author advises the reader that the government is not their friend as government officials or agents have increasingly investigate to find a crime instead of investigating a crime to find the offender. Chapter 4 stresses the knowledge and preparation required to defend against a government investigation therefore a relevant company’s policy (which includes procedures of handling a government subpoena or search warrant) and a criminal business lawyer on board are necessary. In Chapter 5, the author...