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Currently, most countries throughout the world have been encountering serious problems from pollution, which are mainly caused by transportation, industrialization and increasing population. Air and water pollution, which are well-known risks for the human race, have become critically dangerous in both developed and developing nations. These negative influences can damage human health by numerous diseases, such as respiratory, neurological and gastrointestinal illnesses. This essay will discuss the causes and effects of destruction in the air and water environment, then compare and contrast overviews of pollution between three countries, namely Bangkok (Thailand), Dhaka (Bangladesh), and Sydney (Australia). Finally, effective strategies and solutions of these governments used to protect the environment will be evaluated.

In recent years, scientists have found numerous pollutants damaging the air and water environment, as well as the human life. The Environment Protection Agency (2010:2) states that “The six main pollutants in the air are lead emission, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter”. These toxic chemicals mainly come from motor vehicle exhaust and industrial emissions, and there has been overcrowded transportation systems and factories. As a consequence, the number of patients, who has respiratory diseases, cardiovascular system or cancers, has increased. From a website, the author of Water Pollution (2010:1) writes that chemical contaminants, untreated sewage and some farming practices can cause water to be polluted. Raw sewage is the main reason for marine organisms, and destruction of ecosystems. In addition, a dangerous source of water pollution is the fertilization of mono-cultures in agriculture, leading to “Blue Baby Syndrome” and deaths of young children. Like negative impacts of these two sources, salinity levels are growing rapidly, resulting in hypertension, diabetes...