Vodacom's Current Marketing Mix

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n 1994, South Africa not only saw the start of a brand new democracy, but the beginning of a communication revolution with Vodacom leading the charge. It’s been 16 years of amazing innovations and unforgettable connections, now South African’s favourite network is taking the next step towards an exciting new future.

VODACOM IS RED – As recently evident from the wacky adverts and noticeable colour changes, Vodacom is undergoing a corporate colour change.

Vodacom followed a defensive strategy for it’s mobile service. This strategy is designed to prevent the loss of existing customers. Typical defensive strategies would be:

• Improve company image.

• Overcome product faults.

• Improve quality/reliability of product/service.

• Improve reliability of delivery promises.

• Restyle/repackage products/services.

• Improve performance of the product.

Strategy formulation : Marketing Mix


The new South African data product has different features that provides customers with opportunities to chat, play games, send and receive pictures, change ring tones, receive information about travel and sporting events, obtaining billing information, view video clips and make video calls. These products will be rolled out using Vodafone’s research and development groups. The products must be adapted to suit the South African culture. The content of these services must be changed to appeal to South African’s. Different customer segments will want to use different product services. Unveiling “one of South Africa’s largest ever brand make – over ‘s” Vodacom group CEO Pieter Uys told the press: “we currently have the most extensive network in South Africa, but we can’t stop here. We are going to more than double the number of Vodacom 3G base stations in the country, which will take connectivity to more people than ever before. We’re leading a revolution to connect the entire country – this isn’t about cherry picking a few people in cities for an elite service, it’s...