Adr Clause for Learning Team Charter

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ADR Clause for Learning Team Charter

University of Phoenix

Business Law LAW/531

January 6, 2011

ADR Clause for Learning Team Charter

In learning team situations there are often many disputes between individual members of the team, or the team as a whole. To ensure that all issues between team members are resolved and that teams are not affected by any disputes, all disputes listed below are subject to this Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process.

Eligible Disputes for Alternative Dispute Resolution

* Disagreements in fair delegation of work

* Lack of necessary communication between team members to complete team assignments

* Any disputes relating to the timelines created to complete assignments

* Any work submitted by an individual that does not meet the standards of the team assignment

* Any disagreements on the processes being used to complete team assignments

Negotiation Clause

Should any dispute arise at any time among team members in regard to any of the team disputes above, the affecting parties of the team will attempt to resolve their dispute through negotiation within 24 hours of the initial dispute. If any disputes between two parties are not resolved within 24 hours from the beginning of negotiation, the affected parties will enter a stage of mediation (Cheeseman, 2010).

Mediation Clause

If any dispute is not resolved within 48 hours from the initial disagreement, then the dispute will enter a phase of mediation. A neutral third party that is agreed upon by both disputing parties will be used to help both parties reach an acceptable agreement. This third party may be another individual from the learning team, or if necessary the instructor of the course. This mediation phase will be allowed 48 hours from the initial start of mediation to be resolved. If an agreement is made a settlement agreement will end the dispute, if resolution is not made, then the dispute will enter the final phase of arbitration...