Effective Leadership

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Strong and effective leadership, in any form, is important to the business field and provides a stable foundation for a successful business from the inside out. This paper summarizes two articles by Daniel Goleman and Mitch McCrimmon that focuses on types of leaders and skills they possess. With any company, an effective leader is essential to improving workflow and increasing venture growth. The attributes of a successful leader varies from one person to another and these articles address two characteristics that have proven successful; emotional intelligence and thought leadership. A leader with emotional intelligence is self-aware; has the ability to self-regulate; possesses motivation, has empathy for their subordinates, and maintains a level of effective social skills. This leader steps up to the plate and understands the tools to successfully manage people and projects, instead of tucking their tail and heading for the hills. Thought leadership is a characteristic that describes a person that rises above, unconcerned with hierarchical standing, to pioneer and present new ideas. Extremely important to businesses that need innovation and new ideas to succeed, thought leadership is an important characteristic to possess. These two types of leadership skills are different yet similar in that they work toward the same goal, to improve business output and workflow.

To better understand what makes a great leader, we need to examine numerous traits of leaders in our world today. Considering that not all leaders have deemed successful, we can take the mistakes that have been made and use it to your advantage. Exploring the realm of effective leadership is a tough process because determining what makes an effective leader is difficult. What attributes and experiences make a leader successful? Do we look at business profits? Should we take into account the behavior and methods of a team environment and how they are managed? The best way to tackle this issue is to...