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NL^0^841082437^^^3^16 Mar 11 to 15 Apr 11^794.58^06 May 11^RES

Statement of Account


Mr. Leonardo Pacuancuan Lagrimas




Mr. Leonardo Pacuancuan Lagrimas

137 . Banadero Tanauan Batangas 4232

Bill Number Bill Period Account Number

Previous Balance

3 16 Mar 11 to 15 Apr 11 841082437

0.00 794.58 P794.58

Current Balance Due Date May 06, 2011 Total Amount Due

Statement Summary Previous Bill Charges Amount Due from Previous Bill Less: Payments (Thank You) Remaining Balance from Previous Bill Current Bill Charges Monthly Recurring Fee (MRF) VAT Total Current Bill






1,904.58 (1,905.00)

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709.82 85.18 P795.00


Payments made after the previous bill period's due date may not be reflected in this bill.

Mr. Leonardo Pacuancuan Lagrimas

137 . Banadero Tanauan Batangas 4232 SERVICE Globe Landline/ Broadband ACCOUNT NUMBER 841082437 BILL NUMBER 3 BILL PERIOD 16 Mar 11 to 15 Apr 11 PAYMENT DUE DATE: May 06, 2011 TOTAL AMOUNT DUE:

myBill 2011-04-21 11:12:06

AMOUNT DUE: 0.00 794.58 P794.58

841082437 LAGRIMAS*LEONARDO *P000007945802


Mr. Leonardo Pacuancuan Lagrimas DETAILS OF PAYMENTS

Trans Date 03/30/11 Total Payment Post Date 03/30/11 Description

Account No.: 841082437

Bill No.: 3

Page: 2

Ref # NF200000000005767728

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