How Human Resource Management Practices Apply in Private Enterprise of Bangladesh for Gaining Sustainable Competitive Advantage.

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How Human Resource Management Practices apply in Private Enterprise of Bangladesh for gaining sustainable competitive advantage.

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Course Name – Human Resource Management

Course– BUS 601

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1. Introduction: 4

Historical Background of HRM practices in Bangladesh: 4

Socio-cultural back Ground of Business and HRM practices in South Asia: 4

National/ Corporate cultural influence on HRM practices in Bangladesh: 5

2. Company Background Analysis: 6

Ispahani Group: 6


Hoda Vasi Chowdhury (HVC) 8

Hajj Finance Company Limited 9

Technological Services Limited (TSL): 10

Project Consultant and Construction [PCC] 10

Mohammadi Group of Companies 11

Bangladesh Enterprise Institute 12

Broadway Group of Companies 12

Garland Fashions Ltd 13

3. Hiring Criteria for Management People 13

Company financial Performance: 13

4. Development Frame Work: 14