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Human Resource Planning

Human resource planning refers to the organizational functions, identification and evaluation of human resources requirements needed to meet organizational goals. It also requires the assessment of the skills needed to satisfy the tasks that are required. The human resource planning function is a key component of nearly every corporation’s strategic business plan. According to Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart and Wright (2010), the process consists of forecasting, goal setting and strategic planning and program implementation and evaluation. Google implements the human resource plan to achieve goals for the company.

The first step in the planning process is forecasting. “The primary goal is to predict areas within the organization where there will be future labor shortage and surpluses (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, and Wright 2010)”. Demand refers to the characteristics and amount of individuals needed for particular positions at a specified time. Google’s Chief Financial Officer Patrick Pichette stated that there is strong demand for candidates whose focus is in sales and engineering (Morrison, 2009). According to Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart and Wright (2010), Supply refers to the amount characteristics and individuals available for the particular jobs that are in demand. When referring to supply, Google has to determine the amount of skilled individuals needed to perform certain tasks, then the amount of individual who currently fill the positions that are of interest. Google is lacking a supply in engineers as well as sales representative due to the astounding growth rate.

The second step in human resource planning is goal setting and strategic planning. The purpose of setting goals is to focus on the issues and provide a solution to satisfy shortage or surplus. According to Google (2009), their long-term goal is not to trim the number of people they have working on engineering projects or reduce the global presence, but create a number of more...