Beximco-Pharma Selection Procedure

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Executive Summary

human organization activity is simply the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals. Any organization, whether new or old, small or big needs to run smoothly and achieve the goals and objectives which it has set forth. For it develops and implements its own Human Resource Management concepts. As such, the basic functions of HRM, broken down into seven different areas, allow for it to handle the strategic, tactical and operational decisions for the organization. The seven functions of HRM are: Planning, Recruiting, Selection, Socialization, Training and Development, Performance Appraisal, Compensation, Labor relation, and Motivation function

Beximco Pharma (BPL) is a leading edge pharmaceutical company based in Bangladesh and is acclaimed for its outstanding product quality, world-class manufacturing facilities, product development capabilities and outstanding professional services. Its strategic strengths include strong recognition of brands, highly skilled work force and diversified business mix. Being a Learning Organization the core essence of Beximco Pharma is its entrepreneurial spirit in every sphere of its management. In this spirit, the tasks of each managerial function are carried out through HRM.

In this report, we have tried our best to exemplify how the basic functions of HRM are exercised in Beximco Pharma. We have analyzed BPL’s several functions: planning, recruiting and selection, training and development, performance appraisal and employee compensation from the view of Theoretical Definition, Practical Application, Basic Principles followed and Technology used in each of the functions. We also discussed the BPL’s goals, mission and vision. This report focuses on the Organization’s recruiting process, selection process, source of recruiting, attracting, method of training, method of developing, compensation and pay rates of BPL which is very significant from contemporary managerial perspective and also a...