A Written Strategy Detailing How You Plan to Undertake the Role You Have Been Given Within a Specified Face-to-Face Business Communication. You Will Need to Make Reference to Relevant Theory and Apply Information

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A written strategy detailing how you plan to undertake the role you have been given within a specified face-to-face business communication. You will need to make reference to relevant theory and apply information provided about the role and its context within a business situation.

My Role: Web Managing Editor of Airshop.com

Strategy aim: to influence Chief Executive (C.E.) to change website design

for the looming recession.

1) How will I put my suggestions to the Chief Executive?

By following the layout of Guirdham’s (1995) ‘Adoption Process’ (see appendix 1). It requires primary ‘knowledge’ of the situation; persuading the Chief Executive that the website must change in order for the business to survive. After the ‘knowledge’ step I can proceed to the ‘persuasion’ stage where I will use different methods and styles complimentary to the situation to stress advantages. Leaving a domino effect to the ‘decision’, ‘adoption’ and ‘confirmation’ stages.

I will use the ‘balance theory’ (Heider, 1958) to form a mental cluster between the Chief Executive and the website proposal. If the two become similar and balanced then my proposal will be accepted. However the attitudes of the Chief Executive needs to mirror that of what I am asking. To do this I need to get her to form a favourable attitude. So I will need to highlight the benefits. That ‘link’ between the ‘liking’ and ‘influence’ is critical. Without forming a link between the two, researchers confirm persuading is pointless (Guirdham, 1995)

I will attempt to show the compatibility my idea has to the company and to keep it simple so as not to overcomplicate the idea and lose the attention and focus of the C.E. To get a favourable attitude I will provide ‘observability’ for the C.E. as she will feel more comfortable and in control of the website rather than feeling like a subordinate.

I need to get the C.E. on my side, to believe in the idea. To get to this stage I will assess her propensity;...