Competitve Advantage

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Establishing a competitive advantage is an important factor for any establishment. Depending on the specific competitive advantage, this should be the priority strength so that a company can achieve profitability. Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. is an industry leader in the field of plastic injection molding (Riordan Manufacturing, 2004). Riordan Manufacturing is headquartered in San Jose, California and has manufacturing facilities in Pontiac, Michigan and Albany, Georgia (Riordan Manufacturing, 2004). Riordan Manufacturing has grown the organization’s services and product line to incorporate plastic drinking bottles and custom-made plastic parts.

Riordan Manufacturing’s primary customers are beverage makers and bottlers, automotive parts manufacturers, appliance manufacturers, and aircraft manufacturers. Riordan Manufacturing, Inc.’s strongest competitive advantage is product differentiation because of the special type of plastic made for products such as plastic beverage containers. Riordan Manufacturing’s strong competitive advantage can be in comparison of Nike or any type of car manufacturing such as Toyota or General Motors. All of these companies have been successful because of the product differentiation advantage and with this success Riordan Manufacturing has expanded into the United States market and the global market.

Riordan’s growth endeavors have taken the organization abroad to Hangzhou, China. With Riordan’s expansion the organization is profoundly reliant upon communication systems.

Even though Riordan Manufacturing has a strong product differentiation competitive advantage, the organization must keep up with industry growth, advancements in technology, and tend to the needs of customers to improve innovation and sustainability. A creation of a better cost leadership strategy, and continuous focus on differentiation will help Riordan to better support the organization’s current and future growth by streamlining processes. Riordan...