Lube Marketing Plan

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Executive Summary

PEARL has not been doing a great business in the market. It has to work on several areas in order to set its path towards a successful brand. Work needs to be done on all of the 5Ps (Product, Price, Promotion, Place and Packaging) of the brand. The distribution network needs to be expanded along with the scope of the sales channels and the sales team structure, by adding one sales promotional officer. The positioning for PEARL needs to be more clearly defined. PEARL should complete its product line and maintain presence in the all the tiers of the market to become profitable. The scope of the marketing activities needs to be expanded so that more people are aware of the presence of the brand. A brand manager needs to be hired so that he can over look the activities related to the brand management and achieve the long term plan of having a market share of 0.69% and increase the revenue by more than 200%.


PARCO has been in the lubricant business for the past 8 years, under the brand name of “PEARL”. Although the time seems enough to establish a strong brand but unfortunately this has not been the case with PEARL. Instead of being a major player in the market, PEARL has not been able to capture even 10% market share. The revenue from this business is not going up and it seems that the brand has failed.

No systematic approach has been followed in the recent years and in fact whatever measures taken, were attempts to stabilize the sales for short term. Rather these actions needed a vision to follow so that every action taken had one common objective, i.e., to make PEARL the market leader.

The reasons for PEARL’s downfall are several but one of the primary reasons is the absence of a clear cut plan, for short, medium and long term which could define all the steps, methodologies and actions needed to reach the objectives set for PEARL. The absence of this plan led to mistakes which ultimately have ultimately made the brand to...