How Personal Can Ethics Get?

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Bassey Ben Etok

Business 520

Professor Carlene Graham

Strayer University

Spring 2011

24th of April, 2011

Discuss How Personal Differences and Preference Can Impact Organizational Ethics.

In today’s business world, the need for more stringent ethical foundation for organizations and individuals cannot be over-emphasized. Ethics refers to “study of moral values, principles, and rules, including the determination of standards of conducts and obligations for individuals and organizations.”(Helliergel & Slocum,2011). It lays down a set of values and rules that govern the day to day operations and decision making process in organizations. There is a complex relationship between organizational ethics and personal differences and preference as this is influenced by various factors relating to the individual’s personal integrity, moral values and cultural background. These factors may work against the ethical structures and culture of any organization.

This has been seen in the recent ethical scandals that have rocked Wall Street, Enron and other companies. When individual values and preferences don’t fit in with any organizations values, there is a likelihood of ethical issues and compromises. No matter how stringent an organization’s values and ethics are, it depends on individuals to implement them, and individuals have various personal reasons to overlook this. Cultural difference is one of the most important factor that impact organizational ethics. In cultures where bribery is endemic and viewed as a normal way of doing business, any organization that has a contrary ethical rule may be impacted by that. Also, personal motivations like the need for a job, promotion where corners are cut to influence a better or positive evaluation. An individual’s personal integrity and moral compass may positively or negatively impact organizational ethics.

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