Credit Card Companies Prey on College Students

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Credit Card Companies Prey on College Students

I. There are millions of college students that are addicted to plastic. Credit cards (plastic) has been put into the hands of students before they have an opportunity to learn what life and living is all about. Some students have family backgrounds that may influence good decisions making when it come to using credit and some have grown up in environments where credit was not looked at as a major impacted responsibility Credit card companies market to our young people with the intentions of giving them a false sense of hope instead of the reality of responsibility. Credit cards usage is a privilege that come with responsibility, experience and worthiness. Going to college brings forth a lesson that will help our young people become channeled in on what is real, what is responsible and feasible. College students need to be groomed to take on challenges and responsibility that come with the usage of credit cards. Bottom line, they need to know that here are consequences involved with the misuse and abuse of credit.

II. Credit card companies are ruthless

A. prey on college students

B. impress young college students

III. Students are not responsible to handle credit cards

A. family credit history

B. easily influenced

C. lack of financial experience

IV. Students will misuse credit

A. retail temptation

B. use credit instead of cash

C. purchase unnecessarily

V. College students are starting their lives out in a learning mode, preparation

for the real world which includes learning to be responsible in all aspects of

life which includes finances. Therefore, financial obligations should not

presented before the lesson.