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Leadership and Change Management Research Paper


Leadership and Change Management Research Paper

Companies undergo transformations for many reasons, poor financial performance, competition or revolutions in their respective industries. Change involves a considerate amount of planning, sensitive execution and furthermore, consulting with and involving the people most impacted by the changes. These organizational changes will succeed only to the extent that the people involved in the organization change as well. During these times of transformation employees will identify management as compassionate, concerned and dedicated to their wellbeing, whilst simultaneously knowing that difficult decisions have to be made. In this paper Team C will identify ten companies that have faced specific change management issues related to CrysTel, how the company responded, and the outcome of the company’s response. In addition, we will compile an analysis comparing and contrasting the leadership and change management practices of each of the ten companies identified.

Team Analysis

The definition of leadership is “a social influence process in which the leader seeks the voluntary participation of subordinates in an effort to reach organizational goals” (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2003, p. 595). A leader should lead by example and foster communication up and down the organizational structure. The leader will need teamwork when introducing new technologies. Many organizations may take risk to achieve the goals and objectives. Leaders have the over arching responsibility of ensuring the organization reaches many milestones and advancement, but this will not happen without resolving conflicts along the way. Organizational change is inevitable because of the ever-changing world, so leaders should mentor potential leaders so they can lead and keep the organization on track during the inevitable changes.

Ben and Jerry’s brought change to the ice cream market...