Daneil's Story

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The Story takes place in Germany during the time Hitler was ruler. The main character is a Jewish boy named Daniel from Frankfurt. He is 18 years old but through flashbacks, he tells of a horrible time when he was 14 and how he woke up from a concussion in a mysterious train with his family and 1000’s of other Jewish people. Daniel is confused about where he is, how he got there, and where he’s being taken to. He takes out his photo album and starts searching it in hopes that there’s something in it that will explain why he is where he is.

The first picture he notices is of his sixth birthday. Another picture, marked Class of 1936/37 under it, was the last class picture taken before he left the school for a Jewish school. He was surprised at this picture because he didn’t see any of his friends in it. He then remembered that his friends had left either voluntarily or been forced to leave. Daniel wanted to stay at the school, because his best friend, Hans, attended school there. However, slowly, Hans began giving Daniel the cold shoulder. He made excuses about not visiting Daniel's home. He picked fights with Daniel at school and Daniel was always blamed for the fights, because he was a Jew.

Mr. Schneider called Daniel to the front of the class. He told the class that the authorities instructed the teachers to the inferiority of this race to you students in this way." He then quickly measured Daniel's head and announced, "You see! Inferior species. Head too small..”