Tourism Industry Since 1945

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Research report

T1 2011

By David Dickinson


1) Introduction

2) Summary

3) Transportation network

- Air travel in mass market

- Ferry route and air travel

- Growth of motorways

4) Technological changes

-Mass produced customer products

-Mass produce of cars

-Development of internet and e-commerce

5) Socio-economic development

-High incomes

-Stable low inflation

-Greater amount of leisure time

6) Conclusion

7) References


Economic development after world war 2 producing an increased market of business for travellers and tourists. The task is to report the past decade since 1945 after world war 2 of the major economic developments that has changed the tourism industry.

Executive Summary

World war 2 had a massive impact on all countries involved. From the devastation of all that was lost, came huge leaps in economics, travel, technology and construction. This report will be discussing development events that has happen since 1945 after the world war. From the Commercial Airliner industry and technology taking a dramatic boom, changing the economic behaviour post war and increasing the tourism industry.

Transport Network:

• Air travel for the mass market

Not until the Second World War ended did airlines start to largely develop with the governments help. Airlines open the opportunity for people to travel in large amounts. The first plane airline in the America since 1945 used the boeing 377 which carried 100 passengers or 28 sleeping booths and 5 passengers. With the raising demand in air transportation on airlines, planes began to get larger in size after the Boeing 707, increasing the passenger carrying capacity. After the depression of the world war business boomed and jobs opened up in the cities, jobs came with more pay and benefits, with holiday pay.

• Cheap and available transport

Through the years, as more and more airlines opened up and more planes being built there was more...