Water Resource Plan

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ETH125 Week 6 Assignment: Water Resource Plan

Axia College of University of Phoenix

Water pollution; this is a problem which has many different causes with as many different solutions. There are two sources of water pollution; point source pollution, which has a single identifiable source such as sewage drains emptying into a water source, and nonpoint source pollution, which occurs when rainwater runs over soil and deposits contaminants into lakes, rivers and other water sources. According to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management [IDEM] “Nonpoint Source Pollution Fact Sheet” (n.d.), much of this type of pollution occurs because of impervious surfaces; these are metal, concrete, and non-water absorbing soil that causes water to collect pollutants along the surface as it passes over into storm drains. While there are difficulties in implementing and enforcing the turnaround and prevention of water pollution, it is possible to reverse its effects.

There are eight unique groups of water pollutants; one such is sewage which comes from human waste dumped from drains into water bodies, to disease-causing agents like parasites and bacteria in water that may cause cholera and other diseases. Other pollutants include sediment pollution, the causes of which range from erosion of farm lands to strip mining, which results in elements such as silt and gravel which settle in water.

In an attempt to find a solution to these water pollution problems, the following action plan provides a series of steps to follow that will assist in maintaining and sustaining pollutant free water bodies.

Action Items | Action Steps | Timeline |

Identify polluted water bodies, and the type of pollution | Research polluted bodies of water on government websites. Identify and record the types of pollution | Month One |

Determine the best solution or solutions, and design a program to educate about the effects of water pollution and how to alleviate them. | Identify...