Apa and Animal Testing

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"Who are the cruel and inhumane ones, the behavioral scientists whose research on animals led to the cures of the anorexic girl and the vomiting child, or those leaders of the radical animal activists who are making an exciting career of trying to stop all such research and are misinforming people by repeatedly asserting that it is without any value?" (Neal Miller)

I know that if my child were to have a disease that had no cure available yet I would definatley hope that scientists were working to find a cure. How do people that don't agree with animal testing think that scientists can find a cure? Do they want to be the research subject? Would they want their child that is struggling with AIDS to keep struggling and/or try a medicine that has never been tested on anyone or anything before and hope that it doesn't harm the child?

I myself am for animal testing. When you look around the streets and see hundreds of dogs, cats, mice, etc. walking around looking for somewhere to stay dry and warm and looking for something to eat do you really think that is any better than trying a new medication? When science is able to test on animals it is also giving some of these animals a place to live and getting them out of the danger of no home. If anything I think if there is a possibility of death from an experiment at least find an animal that is already struggling with a life threatening illness or wound. Yes, it is sad to see animals die but at the same time approximately 800,000 animals die in a single year from being hit by a car or neglected/abused by their owner. So therefore is animal testing really any different than when they are being abused by someone that they trusted?

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