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Clean-Tech takes pride in training and developing its employees. With this in mind, a career management plan has been developed to help employees become successful in their jobs and careers. However, before employees can be developed, they must first understand what is expected of them. This includes both company and job specific expectations. At Clean-Tech, company policies and expectations begin with the employee orientation and are followed up with ongoing training. The same expectations apply for job specific training.

Managers will assess employees through performance appraisals on a bi-annual basis. These will be known as mid-year and year-end appraisals. Along with each appraisal, managers will provide constructive feedback in order to praise employees for a job well done, as well as help them focus on areas of improvement. After each appraisal is conducted, managers will then meet with their employees individually to review results. As part of the review, both manager and employee will develop a mutually agreed go-forward plan. This plan will focus on areas of improvement in order for the employee to meet their individual as well as team goals. Depending on the needs of the employee, opportunities may include taking part in additional training, working along with a mentor, or other specialized plan. These options will help the employee to gain further knowledge and experience to do their jobs well.

In addition to appraisals, management may provide employee feedback regarding matters which require immediate attention. Examples needing immediate feedback would include incorrect procedures, bad work habits, or safety standards that are violated. A formal meeting, or simple suggestion, will be avenues used to address these types of scenarios.

Promotional opportunities will exist throughout the company as needs arise. Sales representatives will be eligible for promotion to sales managers as those opportunities become available. In...