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Supply and Demand and the Internet-economic

Beliard, Jean


Monday 10, 2010

Dr. Gustavo, Morales

American Trends

The best approach to analyze this article is to have a good understanding of American trends in consumption patterns. This article has mention that in order to [Clear writing suggestion--the meaning will be the same (and less wordy) by removing "in order"] achieve this goal one must first have an understanding of the fundamental philosophy of economics.  The author [If this means yourself, avoid referring to yourself in the third person; if this is a personal account, use the first person (I, me, my)] defines the following terms in detail and explains how they communicate to the crisis of society’s dependency on oil.  The terms being define [The participle form of "define" is "defined"] are economics, microeconomics, the law of supply, the law of demand, and identify the factors that lead to the change in supply...