Develop a Training Plan

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Develop a Training Plan

John Cooper Jr


May 9, 2011

Carlton Robinson

Develop a Training Plan

Within this training plan there are detailed goals, expectations, and specific strategies for success. This plan addresses situational determinants such as; challenges in finding the prototype, reasons for recruiting from certain colleges, and geographical differences with regard to generation, class, and gender. The following plan is an overview of the requirements necessary to effectively generate 20 million dollars in sales over the next two years, within a defined target market. To generate this revenue, 10 individuals were hired and dispersed amongst four distinct territories; all of which have specific responsibilities, attributes, and purpose.

In order to reach our goal of 10 million dollars in sales annually; the following two concerns are addressed. First, there are challenges in finding a specific prototype; challenges include high unemployment; i.e., a large selection pool, relocation issues, and the inability to assess a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, it may be difficult to find candidate’s with similar personality traits, attitudes, and behavior patterns; similar to those within their territory. Personality traits, attitudes, values, and emotions are important factors in the selection process. Secondly, each territory requires a unique candidate due to the geographical size of the territory, cultural diversity, level of income, and generational differences.

Within this plan, the need for continuing education and training is recognized. The choice of training methods should take into account the trainee’s current skill level, motivation, and capacity to understand and remember complex information. The methods should be appropriate for the knowledge, skills, attitudes, or behavior to be learned. (Yukl, 2006) Online training modules as well as online classes, which offer continuous education units (CEU’s), are the preferred...