Career Management Plan

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Career Management Plan

Paula Boyce

University of Phoenix

Human Capital Management

HRM – 531

Dr. Robert Wyatt

May 17, 2010

Career Management Plan

Collaboration between human resources and the management team has resulted in the creation of a career management plan. The career management plan will include, how feedback is given to the employees, the opportunities the employees have after receiving feedback, and how to help employees obtain a higher level of performance. Explanation of whether or not flexible opportunities are available for dual career parents, adaptation of team diversity in terms of each person’ career and how to handle each team member. Discussions will wrap-up with the assumption of working on a zero budget, justification of why the plan will work, and the expected benefit and types of cost (2011, p. 7).

A career management plan is guidelines to assist management to guide employees in a positive direction and prepare employees for success. The plan will assist InterClean to set goals, implement procedure to accomplish the goals, and finally reach the goals. Management want to ensure the new hires know what is expected of them. The performance appraisal will be reviewed quarterly to give the employee feedback on progress and downfalls. The process is to help each employee to achieve his or her highest level of performance.

Feedback should work both ways. Each employee should be able to provide feedback on his or her evaluation, and manager will give feedback to the employees of strengths and weaknesses to prepare the employee to receive an excellent evaluation. Each quarter for the first three quarters the appraisal will be analyzed to give employees enough feedback preparing them for the fourth quarter appraisal when promotion or pay increases will be given. Employees are rated on a point system and a percentage for the final scoring is put on each appraisal. Employees falling below the meet exception percentage will be...