Business Ethics Reflection

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Business Ethics Reflection

The relationship among virtue, values, and moral concepts in the dilemmas that one has to believe in and moral are the one I have acquired and believed in my family. These virtues, I have learned from church, my family, the military, and the community as I have grown to become adult. When faced with such dilemmas so one can know what is right, wrong, and righteous.

Today in any business people can face ethical dilemmas. From day-to- day basic people or workers are posed with ethical dilemmas. Did they have to decide what is right and the wrong choice to make. People may not know that they make ethical work choices all the time. Just like when a person will be late for work and notices no one has seen noticed that person is late. The dilemma would be to clock in where there is a record showing one was late. Does the person just start working and takes advantage of the situation and later has his or her time card fix as nothing has happen. What one may see as cover their behind, but it actually violates ones business ethics.

People may not realize that business ethics and personal values can be similar to each other. Business ethics ask the same thing that society does that is no lying, stealing, or cheating. Step up to the plate and take responsibility for one’s own actions and choices. Making the right choice but is that for oneself or the company. Most people when making ethical decision and it is put oneself at risk they chose their self over the company. When one’s personal value comes into play and in most people their personal value is to look out for oneself first.

One of my friends at work called me on my phone at work. He asks if I work cover for him for the first 30 minutes at work. For, all the managers are in meets and I am the one who people report to when managers are away from the floor area. Knowing I could cover him and there would be no problem except for my own morals. So I covered his...