Superior Grain Elevator Case Analysis

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Executive Summary



Carla Monte is the director of the Lac Leman Festival de la Musique and had crafted an idea that could generate additional cash flow to the festival. She wanted to use video footage from Friday night’s concert to produce a DVD to people who attended the Saturday night concert. The problem begins with several areas of uncertainty that would have to be divulged before making an accurate decision. The amount of people to attend the Saturday night concert is unknown as well as the percentage of people in attendance on Saturday will want to even purchase the DVD. Considering they were only a month out from the day weekend of the concert, some decisions had to be made and fast.

Luckily, Monte had some data compiled to assist with making an accurate decision. They had date showing how many people attended the previous Saturday night for the past 15 years. This information is especially important along. In addition to this key information, a survey will also be compiled and given to a random set of individuals who attended the festival in years past to find out if they would purchase the anticipated DVD. And there are additional costs associated with moving forward.

Problem Statement

Carla Monte, director of the Lac Leman music festival, has just come...