Organizational Behavior

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Based on the evidence from the three case studies, the situation or environment has more of an impact on motivation than other variables such as individual differences. Organizational behavior consists of many concepts that affect the environment and the employees. The key problems to consider are how environment motivates job performance. Positive organizational behavior consists of many theories and concepts that are critical in creating a successful organization and positive environment. Some of the key concepts include motivation, job satisfaction, job characteristics, and culture. The key concepts allow environment and motivation to merge together as they are essential for all employees. For an organization maintaining high performance expectations or having a strong culture and core values are essential concepts. These concepts are used to have a positive impact on new recruits’ job productivity and their commitment to the organization which leads to low turnover.

Case #1: Environment and Job Satisfaction

The characteristics of the jobs themselves are appealing to the individuals. Long working hours with high expectations created the perfect environment for the acclaimed workers. They thrived to accomplish their work with openness to experience, high levels of mental ability and need for mental challenge. It was apparent these individuals enjoyed the dynamics of the job atmosphere; otherwise they would seek for employment elsewhere. This can similarly be explained through the exit-voice-loyalty-neglect model, which helps us to understand the responses of dissatisfaction. In a given situation where dissatisfaction occurs, this will prompt each of these employees would vocalize the exit or voice response.

There are several defining points that were made in the cases that reflected on the satisfaction level of the employees in their demanding schedules. In the case of Mr. Bishop, his time allocated for usual work week of...