Industrial Safety

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Industrial safety


Industrial safety is primarily a management activity which is concerned with

reducing, controlling and eliminating hazards from the industries or industrial units.

Importance of industrial safety

The danger of life of human being is increasing with advancement of scientific

development in different fields.

The importance of industrial safety was realized because every millions of industrialaccidents occur which result in either death or in temporary disablement or permanentdisablement of employees and involve large amount of losses resulting from danger toproperty, wasted man hours and wasted hours.

More ever, from managerial perspective the importance of industrial safety in any

organization may be concluded by following facilitation:

e)Treatment: industrial safety management provides treatment for injuries and

illness at the work place.

f)Medical Examination: it carries out medical examination of staff joining the

organization or returning to work after sickness or accident.

g) Hazards identification.

h)Provision of protective devices.

i)Consultancy: it provides medical advised on other condition potentially affecting

health e.g. works canteen etc.

j)Education: it provides safety and health training

Objectives of industrial safety:

k)to prevent accidents in the plant by reducing the hazard to minimum.

l)to eliminate accident caused work stoppage and lost production.

m) to achieve lower workmen’s compensation, insurance rates and reduce all other direct and indirect costs of accidents.

n)to prevent loss of life, permanent disability and the loss of income of worker by eliminating causes of accidents.

o)to evaluate employee’s morale by promoting safe work place and good working condition.

p)to educate all members of the organization in continuous state of safety mindness and to make supervision competent and intensely safety minded.

A safety programmed includes mainly following four E’s.

•Engineering: i.e...