Bangladesh Capital Market

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Capital Market the market, or realistically, the group of interrelated markets, in which capital in financial form is lent or borrowed for medium and long term and, in cases such as equities, for unspecified periods.

The capital markets, in distinction from other parts of the financial market ie, the money markets, are those for long-term government securities, corporate bonds, stocks, municipal bonds issued by state and local government units, and mortgages. industry and commerce as well as government and local authorities raise capital from the capital market which performs several important functions in the process of economic development. Most important among them are the promotion of savings and investment and efficient allocation of funds among competing uses. Participants in the capital markets are many. They include the commercial banks, saving and loan associations, credit unions, mutual saving banks, finance houses, finance companies, merchant bankers, discount houses, venture capital companies, leasing companies, investment banks, investment companies, investment clubs, pension funds, stock exchanges, security companies, underwriters, portfolio-managers, and insurance companies.

Capital market in Bengal was founded during the Mughal regime in the early 17th century. Although in a limited scale, there were money and capital market activities in Suba-e-Bangala throughout the 17th century. Bengal under the nawabs was fairly developed in trade and communication. An historian characterised Bengal of the Nawabi period as 'easy in its finances, moderate in its expenditure, free from charges and cares of independent dominion, its inhabitants enjoying in the occupation of agriculture and commerce, public peace and abundance'. The prosperity of Nawabi Bengal was attributed to large investments by European nations and dispersal of Bengal raw silk, cloths etc. in vast amounts to the west and north and inland as far as Guzrat, Lahore and even Ispahan. Bengal...