“Quality of Higher Education in Sylhet International University as a Private University”

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“Quality of higher education in Sylhet International University as a private university”

Mr. M. A.Latif

Assistant Professor

Department of Business Administration


Executive Summary

Part -1


Origin of the report

Objectives of the study

Scope of the study


Limitation of the report

Part -2

Brief introduction of Sylhet International University

Notion and foundation of SIU

SIU campus

The Key Features

Faculties, Courses and Degrees offered

Teacher-students ratio

Laboratories and library

American corner

Financial waiver and assistance given to students

Part -3

SWOT Analysis





Part -4






Executive summary

This study was designed to examine and evaluate the education quality of SIU as a private university. Actually the introduction of private universities was a long felt demand of the country. The basic need to establish private universities come from the limitation and inadequacies of our public education system. The public universities can accommodate only 25% of our students who wish to go for higher studies. So, inevitably, the need was felt to create opportunities for the remaining majority to continue higher studies in some institution other than public universities. As soon as the private universities Act 1992 was passed, many educationists, intellectuals and guardians welcomed it as an expansion of our education at the private level, which could create opportunities for many students.

Private universities have been playing a very important role in the education system of our country. Now there are more than 52 private universities in Bangladesh. Sylhet International University (SIU) is one of them, which is situated in sylhet.

I have written this report on the basis of three months evaluation about teaching- learning system of SIU. SIU is one of the model private...