Steve Jobs the Entrepreneur of Our Times

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Steve Job is known as being one of the leading entrepreneurs of his time. His attraction and passion for technology, interesting personality, and drive in business has helped to create the fortune he has acquired today.

Steve was born in the era of computer technology in the US. In fact, where he grew up in Southern California was considered to be the leading place for computer technology going on at the time. “Steve became increasingly curious about the world of electronics that filled the neighborhood garages. The Silicon Valley was considered a bourgeoning place for computer engineering as early as the 1960s. Steve’s father introduced him to Heathkits” (Moisescot's) . "The kits taught Steve Jobs that products were manifestations of human ingenuity, not magical objects dropped from the sky," writes a business author, who goes on to quote Jobs as saying "It gave a tremendous level of self-confidence, that through exploration and learning one could understand seemingly very complex things in one's environment" (Heathkit). In high school Steve was involved in an electronics class and by way of a friend in his class; he first met his good friend and later business partner, Steve Wozniak. Over the years, they had showed their entrepreneurship with small ventures in selling electronics to college students, but it did not pan out to be successful. As they got older, both landed jobs in their field of passion.

In 1974 Steve Jobs got his first job at a young video game company called Atari.

Steve Jobs was very impressed by this iconoclastic man who made a lot of money by building pinball machines. The Atari owner was clearly an inspiration for Steve to later start Apple.

They both worked one summer at Hewett-Packard. While Woz was working for HP, he came up with an idea to revolutionize computers. Steve Jobs was fascinated with the idea. Woz tried to sell the idea to HP, but they were not interested in the idea. Jobs realized that if Woz could build the...