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Adopting limited child policy

With the population rising at an alarming 36% to the point that it outpaces rice production. It is so that population control is an urgent concern. And the best strategy to go about population management is a comprehensive one – a multi-step. Meaning that education is really important but it isn’t the only step that we must take.

So here on government we continue current efforts on education like family planning both natural and artificial methods like we want to open the options for standard day methods, for condoms, IUD and all other options. But at the same time, we want to institute a 2 child policy.

Here is how it will happen. Government will impose concrete incentive mechanisms for those who subscribe to this 2 child policy. What kind of incentives? This policy isn’t retroactive, like those who have more than 2 children now will not be punished in any way.

But starting this year, those families who will start to have children, we will give tax breaks to those families who will comply. Now how will the tax breaks work? You have the normal tax rates and now if they only have two children, they will be given tax breaks. This policy will only apply once couple will start to have children. But we recognize that in some situations, tax breaks are not just applicable. So of course, in such situations for the employed, we will have subsidies for them for the tuition, for the basic needs. So basically, it is an incentive mechanism. We will not kill those who have more than 2 children. It is just an incentive mechanism to show them the concrete and tangible benefits of having just 2 children.

This policy will not be permanent. We will ease this out once we have addressed population control and that happens once we have reached the sustainable level of less than 2% population growth because that is the figure determined by the UN. Once we achieve that, we can start rethinking about this policy. And the main goal is to have a...