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25 May 2011

Dear Sir

RE: Research Proposal: Ergonomics and Productivity

I am currently with …………..where I am a sales rep. I have special interest in the relationship between dust levels and productivity; due to my background in Industrial Psychology I have noted a link between the decrease in productivity in the company and the ergonomic state of the company. I attach a proposal for further research in this field.

The reason for approaching you is because I have noticed a lack of motivation from my fellow employees, which is ultimately related to that of performance and productivity of the company as a whole. The proposed project is beneficial to the company. It will allow the company to improve their productivity at the same time improving employee comfort and motivation. It, therefore, seems appropriate to propose a research project designed to test whether ergonomics is related to low productivity.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely

Psychology student

Title: Ergonomics and productivity levels

Author: Psyc student

This research proposal is aimed at increasing the levels of motivation and comforts within my fellow employees and ultimately i8ncreasing the company’s productivity. I will investigate the ergonomic related issues to productivity levels and include a plan of action.

Ergonomics can be explained as a method of how to rebuild the existing environment to work with, instead of against, human capabilities and limitations (A.L Cohen, 1997) Many organisations often suffer due to incorrect ergonomics in the workplace. I am proposing to you that, in order for us to strive as a company, we need to look at the broader picture. By allowing the work environment to suit the needs of the employees, we are able to create an environment for higher performance and productivity.

Although research of this kind has been explored in many organisations, in South Africa ergonomics are often ignored. Due to this, organisations are losing large...