Life Span Development

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The life span development perspective derives from the Darwin’s need to understand evolution. Life span is the conception and the death of individuals. The attributes of life span development is multidimensional, multidirectional, plastic, multidisciplinary, and contextual. The domain is distinguish by individuals grow and change from childhood to adolescence (Hernadez, 2008). The period of development is prenatal, early, middle, and late childhood. The basis of contemporary concern in understanding life span development is nature versus nurture (Hub Pages). Even though biological standpoint is the major concern with life span development, but understanding evolution and human development is relevant in history.

Life span is the beginning and the end of an individuals’ life. The process of a fetus from a one cell organism is important to life span development. The entrance and exist in understand the child developmental stage. Methodical is described as a life span development. Methodical understands the association of progression in age. The progresses of development implicate the level of function. An important development in life span is movement from one state to another. Growth is a process which center on progress through the stage. The stages of child and adolescence, early childhood, middle childhood, and late childhood is a transition which involve a change in the individuals’ life (Hub Pages). Darwin believes he could understand development through evolution.

Multidimensional is an important characteristic of life span development. Life span development is physical, cognitive, and social domains (Hernadez, 2008) . Multi-directional is a characteristic which focus on some aspects increasing and other elements decreasing. Plasticity is the ages of individual which possess the capacity for positive in an answer to the environment. Plasticity takes place in the nervous cell which is learning, the ability for cells to change functions....