Road to Hell, Case Study Analysis

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23th April 2010


This case study analysis seeks to analyse the different impacts on Caribbean Bauxite following the resignation of Matthew Rennalls, successor to the position of production manager. Matthew cited cultural differences and John offensive racial comments for his resignation. Further, Matthew’s resignation came a day after his interview with John Baker, his direct superior.

The analysis drew attention to the short-term, medium-term and long-term issues Caribbean Bauxite has to deal with following Matthew’s departure. The short-term issues discussed relates to the void in position of production manager; and the possible exodus of Barracanian staff given Matthew’s popularity. The medium-term issues discussed pertains to the poor communication channel existent within Caribbean Bauxite; possible political implications given Matthew’s father position within the government; and leadership problem. Finally, the long-term issues discussed include the possible factionalism within the organisation and drawbacks of ethnocentric approach that would impact upon Caribbean Bauxite.

Thus the most pressing short-term concern is to deal with the production manager vacancy. Following, Caribbean should prepare a series of appropriate responses to deal with Matthew’s departure to preserve the corporate image of the organisation. Subsequently, the management of Caribbean Bauxite should seek to resolve the medium-term issues of poor communication within the organisation through cross cultural preparation workshops. Further, Caribbean should approach Matthew and his father to inform them about their plans. Lastly, it is recommended that Caribbean Bauxite focuses on the creation of a diversity management committee to handle all diversity related problems and accelerate the progress of the regionalisation programme. In due course, this would contribute to higher morale levels and lower employee turnover....