Creating a Social Program

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Creating a Social Program

Laurie Wilhelm




Wilhelm Mental Health is just starting out in the community. Wilhelm Mental Health is serving the behavioral health needs of the residents of San Tan Valley in Arizona. Wilhelm Mental Health has developed a ground-breaking practice model that embodies our philosophy of whole person care while promoting wellness. This approach to health care addresses the whole person by integrating behavioral health with primary health care while promoting wellness and prevention. In this model, our medical and behavioral health staff can work with patients in the same exam rooms to ensure integrated care. Both are involved in assessments, brief interventions and follow-up with patients. Where appropriate, patients may also be referred for wellness activities as well as traditional psychotherapy, and psychiatric services. Wilhelm Mental Health is here to serve people who are in need of help and cannot get it anywhere else.

Wilhelm Mental Health will be seen as a leader in the growth of high quality, modern and, cost-effective public mental health services. Services will be intended to meet the needs of the community, based on input received during ongoing planning processes. Wilhelm Mental Health will be viewed as a model for other local mental health establishments throughout the state because of successful leadership in the community, capable management of costs, and a widespread quality management program.

Mission Statement

. Wilhelm Mental Health is committed to the goal of promoting the welfare and self-respect of all persons who are clients of our services. Services and supports are designed to provide significant assistance to the individual in acquiring and maintaining those physical, mental, and social skills which enable the individual to function most successfully with the demands of his or her own personal needs or the needs of their environment. Respect for...