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The Department of Administrative Sciences offers Masters degree in Business Administration. They are giving the best education and are offering for specialization, financial management, marketing management, human resource management and computer application to business. An important program is six to eight weeks internship with any recognized institution.

I decided to take up Askari Bank Limited for my internship because it is a competing Bank nowadays and gives a good training to the internees. So in order to learn more this was my choice.

This report is about my internship that I have undergone at Askari Bank Limited Multan Branch from 2nd June 2008 to 18th July 08. During my internship I am able to learn practical aspect of business, and get good working experience.

On the very first day of my internship I reported to Operation Manager Mr. Noor ul Islam. He gave me small introduction of the Bank and introduced me to the staff of the Bank. Every internee is rotated among the Bank’s departments and so was I. This rotation is done in order to have general concept regarding Bank’s functions, operations and policies. In this rotation the stay in department is usually a week. I have learned more about the Basic Banking, Credits and Foreign Trade department and have given below the caption of activities I was involved in during the period of six weeks.

During my internship I found that Askari Bank is a best Bank in Multan because most of the Exports and Imports in Multan are done through this Bank. Multan is one of the cotton growing cities of Pakistan. Most of the businesses in Multan are directly or indirectly linked to cotton that is also the case with Askari Bank’s clients. Because Multan is an Agricultural City, and its major export is Cotton and Mango. So its export is done on seasonal basis. In the season of cotton and Mango export Askari Bank get its target easily but difficult for it to get its target in the off...