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Tortoise SVN

TortoiseSVN is a Subversion client, implemented as a Microsoft Windows shell extension. It is free software released under the GNU General Public License.

TortoiseSVN won the 2007 Community Choice Award for Best Tool or Utility for Developers.

Features of Tortoise SVN:-

1. Server based storage – It is a Source Control Software for Microsoft Windows.

2. More secured – All the users of the software have to use a common username and password to login the software for a certain project from different parts of the globe.

3. Changes can be reverted – Different versions of the programs for the developing software are formed so that changes which are not necessary can be reverted back quickly even after saving. Thus saving time and minimizing efforts of the individual.

4. Shell Extension – This function allows the software to be available under the right-click menu of the mouse so that it can be easily and quickly connected.

5. User Friendly – The software has a very user friendly interface due to lots of convenient features available on it.

6. Open Source – For an individual the software is free but it can be purchased from an open source at a minimal cost for commercial use.

7. Notification of changes – The modification or changes that have been done in each version of the program can be seen in the form of a note that is sent to other colleagues briefing the changes done along with the name of the individual and the time.

Application in CitiBank:-

1. Banking Operations.

2. Credit & Debit Cards Operations.

3. Document sharing and updating.