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What happens when my IVA ends in London?

London being the capital city of London has people living there from all economic backgrounds. There are the rich and affluent and also those trying to manage their debts with different debt management schemes like IVA. For those who have taken IVA, it will be a relief when it ends and you are finally debt free. When you get that ‘IVA completion certificate’, after your IVA ends, you should start fresh, do your finance more carefully and lead a good life without any more debt worries. That is such a nice feeling to be in without any debt and that is what everybody is looking for when they sign up for an IVA.

Largest industry of London is finance and there are always risks involved in such an industry and that is the reason there are lots of people struggling with debts in London some people do not know how to take calculated risks. Most people in debt turn towards IVA to get out of debt. During the course of IVA, you will be allowed the cash only for your basic necessities and it will be good to start enjoying the life again after IVA ends.

Your IVA usually ends when you finish all your repayments as per the IVA without fail and it is usually set up for a period of 5 years. If you are committed to get yourself out of debt, it is not that difficult to complete an IVA, which is 60 payments in 5 years. After you have made your last and final payment, there will be certain procedure to be completed before you are issued a certificate which says that your IVA is complete. Your Insolvency practitioner and your creditors will make sure that you have made all the payments without fail, you have released any equities that you were supposed to pay to the creditors, and any dividends that you were supposed to be made to the creditors are also done. After all these are verified you will be issued with the certificate that says you do not owe anything to any of your creditors and you are completely debt free in London. This...