Third World and Developing Countries

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Third World and Developing Countries

Watonya Jackson


Professor Strauss

Third World and Developing Countries

Thus far, during my reading and research on Third World and developing countries I have learned so much that I didn’t have a clue about. I watch the daily news and see the issues that we’ve read and discussed.

Third world includes America's south of the United States; the whole of Africa; Asia apart from the Soviet Union, China and Japan; and the Oceanic Islands apart from Australia and New Zealand (2009 Majority of these Third World countries is in complete poverty and because of that these countries face internal conflicts. The citizens of the Third World countries are facing many problems such as poverty, uneven economic share in the world economy, and injustice. Third world poverty has developed for various reasons. In general those are; lacking social security; lacking natural resources and nutrition; and having no financial stability. A third world country is economically depressed and continues to grieve. Most third world countries don't have social security or welfare.

These countries cannot afford to support their citizens. Unemployment rates are extremely high and wages are very low. The people of those countries have no or insufficient income to keep themselves surviving. These extreme poverty situations could lead to hostile actions against the governments where governments are usually blamed for the problems. The effect of the decline in living standards in the poor countries increases potential for political violence as an impact on the government.

I think if these countries replace their corrupted government with people with a much broader vision a new economic strategies will evolve and hopefully poverty will be no more. The second idea to improve the third world country is to advance the technology. This will cause a late industrial revolution, which is strongly related...