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What is the service design matrix? Why would service organizations want to rely on the service design matrix? How appropriate would the service design matrix be for your organization

Service design matrix is a tool used to understand the different elements of the service system. The matrix shows how the service is established between the three key factors and how the factors influence the production and delivery of the service. The three key factors of the service design matrix are:

Degree of contact between the consumer and the service provider

Opportunity for sales

Production efficiency

The service design matrix defines the relationship between the sales opportunity to the human interaction.

Service organizations would want to rely on the service design matrix due to various reasons. They include:

Selecting the operating focus which means the performance priorities by which service firm will operate

Achieving competitive advantage in the market place by integrating marketing and operational processes

Monitoring and controlling involve the standard managerial actions of reassigning workers to deal with short-run demand variations

Recovery planning involves training frontline workers to respond to such situations as overbooking, lost luggage, or a bad meal

Thus services generally require much higher levels of capacity relative to demand. In addition, they place a greater need for flexibility on the part of the workers involved in providing the services.

Companies that can identify the interests of their customers are able to open up new and hopefully profitable prospects as long as they cultivate service offerings that create better and more pleasant experiences for the customer.\