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Qn. 1 Types of information systems support the operational level of the Human Resource department.

Operational HRIS:

Operational human resource information systems provide the manager with data to support routine and repetitive human resource decisions. Several operational-level information systems collect and report human resource data. These systems include information about the organization’s positions and employees and about governmental regulations.

1. Employee Information Systems

The human resource department must maintain information on each of the organization’s employees for a variety of decision and reporting purposes. One part of this employee information system is a set of human resource profile records. An employee profile usually contains personal and organization-related information, such as name, address, sex, minority status, marital status, citizenship, years of service or seniority data, education and training, previous experience, employment history within the organization, salary rate, salary or wage grade, and retirement and health plan choices. The employee inventory may also contain data about employee preferences for geographical locations and work shifts. Another part of an employee information system is an employee skills inventory. The skills inventory contains information about every employee, such as work experience, work preferences, test scores, interests, and special skills or proficiencies.

2. Position Control Systems

A job is usually defined as a group of identical positions. A position, on the other hand, consists of tasks performed by one worker. The purpose of a position control system is to identify each position in the organization, the job title within which the position is classified, and the employee currently assigned to the position. Reference to the position control system allows a human resource manager to identify the details about unfilled positions.

3. Applicant Selection and Placement Information Systems...