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Final Examination



Medical Terminology

1. This term means the surgical removal of the fallopian tube:

A. ligation

B. hysterectomy

C. salpingostomy

D. salpingectomy

2. This combining form means thirst:

A. dips/o

B. acr/o

C. cortic/o

D. somat/o

3. This term is also known as a homograft:

A. autograft

B. allograft

C. xenograft

D. zenograft

4. Which of the following terms does NOT describe a receptor of the body?

A. mechanoreceptor

B. proprioceptor

C. thermoreceptor

D. endoreceptor

5. Which of the following terms means taste?

A. Meissner

B. pacinian

C. gustatory

D. astrocytes

6. This suffix means removal:

A. -penia

B. -ectomy

C. -itis

D. -pexy

7. This term means abnormal thickening of the skin:

A. ductus

B. dermatofibroma

C. dermatitis

D. pachyderma

8. The term that defines the relaxation phase of the heartbeat is:

A. systole

B. sinoatrial

C. diastole

D. septa

9. This abbreviation refers to a resection of the prostate that is accomplished by

means of a scope passed through the urethra.





10. What does EGD stand for?

A. esophagogastroduodenoscopy

B. esophagogastric junction

C. endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography

D. enterocolostomy

11. This term means the use of electric current to destroy tissue:

A. eventration

B. enterolysis

C. evisceration

D. fulguration

12. This gland secretes a factor that causes T-cells to mature; it is larger in infants,

then shrinks with age.

A. spleen

B. lymph

C. thymus

D. adrenal

13. This suffix means to act upon:

A. -in

B. -ine

C. -tropin

D. -agon


14. This is the first portion of the small intestine:

A. jejunum

B. ileum

C. duodenum

D. cecum

15. This is a part of the inner ear:

A. vestibule

B. malleus

C. incus

D. stapes

16. This is the area behind the cornea:

A. anterior chamber

B. choroid layer

C. ciliary body

D. fundus

17. This is the collarbone:...