Vietnam Culture

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Journey to the Kaleidoscope

Presented by Cross Culture Communication Class Group 1

Table of Contents

I. Journeys of History 3

II. Amazing “S” 4

III.Journeys of Culture 6

IV.Journeys of People 9

With Sport 10

V. Journeys with Food 11

Hobby of Vietnamese 13

I. Journeys of History

Legend has it that Vietnam’s origin lay in the harmonious union of Lac Long Quan – King of the Ocean, and Au Co – the great princess of the Mountains. Real life was not so paradisiacal, as Vietnam’s early history is characterized by a nearly continuous struggle for autonomy.

First cam an ethnic group living and developing on the side of Red River and Ma River delta established Vietnam, at the very beginning.  The first system-governed Vietnam is Hung Vuong period about 1000 BC, and the kingdom was invaded by Han feudalism in 200 BC. The region has been colonized by China in nearly one thousand years and by France in about one hundred years. Consequently, Vietnam has been deeply influenced by Chinese culture and France architecture style. The feudal system dominated Vietnam and result in numerous imperial dynasties and the capital moving from Hanoi to Hue before the last emperor Bao Dai' s power ending in 1945. However, in more than two thousand years, Vietnam has been named as one of the most pertinacious countries in the conquest of its own independence and liberty. In 1975, Vietnam rescued the national independence and became a unified nation.

II. Amazing “S”

Shaped like an elongated S, Vietnam stretches the length of the Indochinese Peninsula and covers a surface area of 128,000 square miles--making it roughly the size of Italy or, in the U.S., New Mexico. China lies to the north, Laos and Cambodia to the west, and the South China Sea to the east.

Topographically, Vietnam is a verdant tapestry of soaring mountains, fertile deltas, primeval forests inhabited by exotic fauna, sinuous rivers, mysterious caves, otherworldly rock formations, and...