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Updated 28th July 2011


Guide to the Licensing World (D.J. Publishing Ltd., 2011) [BUS DIR 346.048) Worldwide directory covering character and media property merchandising. The main part is an alphabetical list of licence-owners and agencies, then licensee companies, and finally service providers to the sector, by country. There is a short list of other directories and magazines covering the market, and indexes of licensees by property and then product, and owners by property. iGB Affiliate Directory (IGaming Business, 2011) [BUS DIR 658.872] A directory specifically on affiliate marketing within the online gambling industry, with some brief discussion of current trends. InterGame Yearbook (Intergame Ltd, 2011) [BUS DIR 338.4779527] A directory focussing on the gambling game industry, with articles on industry news and trends. There is an international directory of goods and service providers, with an index by type of goods or service. Licensing Source Book Europe (Max Publishing Ltd., 2011) [BUS DIR 346.4048] This directory covers character and media property merchandising. It contains articles discussing current trends and recent developments, an alphabetical list of licensable properties, and directories of licensed product manufacturers and service providers to the sector. Despite the title, coverage is mainly UK-only. API Association of Play Industries Directory 2010/11 (Association of Play Industries, 2010) [BUS DIR 796.0680284] API is a trade body within the outdoor and indoor play equipment industry. This directory contains details of the products and services offered by its members. Marketplace 2010/11 (iGaming Business, 2010) [BUS DIR 795.02854678] This directory covers the online gambling industry. As well as listing online gambling companies, and suppliers of goods and services to the industry, it contains articles discussing trends, ranking lists of companies by online visits within geographical regions, and...